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The Ravens' new hologram show is going to make a giant mess of someone's windshield

December 13, 2019
Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 10.50.45 AM.png

Welcome to the future, football fans. A shiny, dystopian here and now where Ryan Tannehill is actually good, Mike Vick is no longer the outlier, but the blueprint, and the pregame flyovers aren't military fighter jets, but instead giant, hologram ravens soaring in from the night's sky to well and truly mess with your mind. Seriously, more than one or two people in Baltimore they were being attacked by a real damn demon bird on Thursday night (and if you've ever been to Baltimore, you know what I'm talking about.)

That's the Baltimore Ravens' new "mixed reality" experience and its here to make a giant mess of some poor sap's windshield. The unveiling comes a few weeks after Argentinian soccer powerhouse Estudiantes opened their new stadium with this incredible holographic lion light show. Tigers and bears are surely next up, so stay frosty Chicago and LSU fans.

But while a B-52 sized-raven swooping in over the Baltimore skyline is pretty great, it wasn't even close to the most impressive thing to happen on Thursday Night Football. That award instead goes to Lamar Jackson, who officially broke Michael Vick's NFL single-season rushing record for a quarterback, rolling for another 86 yards on the ground. He also tied Vinny Testaverde's franchise single-season passing touchdown record, throwing for another 5 touchdowns, which also set a new record for most passing touchdowns in a single NFL season by a quarterback 22 years or younger. Oh yeah, and also this. NBD.

Expect for the fact, of course, that is was such a BD that the Jets players lined up like kids at a football camp to get Jackson's autograph after he barbecued them for 42 point on national TV. So yeah, apologies for burying the lede. The giant future bird was cool and all, but it has nothing on Mr. Jackson.