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Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon takes sip of fan's beer, which is definitely allowed when you're winning by 40

November 26, 2019

In today's NFL, every first down, sack or batted pass is cause for a full on "Dancing with the Stars" routine. It's reached the point of being nauseating, and I'm a millennial, so you can't even use that god-awful, overused "ok boomer" joke on me. I think we can all agree that three-yard gains are not worthy if the discount double check belt.

That said, if you're playing like the Baltimore Ravens are right now, anything goes. Full-team photos, backflips, going streaking, etc. It's all gucci when you win seven in a row. That includes taking a sip of a fan's beer, as well as eating a fan's snack, which is something that happened on Monday night in Los Angeles. With a 45-6 lead, the Ravens defense picked off Jared Goff and put the Rams out of their misery late in the game. The celebration was on, and a fan in the front row at the LA Memorial Coliseum whipped out their phone, started filming and caught linebacker Matthew Judon taking a swig of his delicious Modelo Especial:

Oh hell yes. Is anyone having more fun than this Ravens team? Fun is cool when you're winning every game by 40. Not as cool when you're down two touchdowns like (COUGH) the Eagles (COUGH):

Hate to see that^

Judon's beer-sipping move is even more awesome when you remember this is the guy who delivered the greatest "Sunday Night Football" intro of all time:

You know what goes GREAT with Taco Bell? Modelo, which is so far superior to Corona it's actually insane. But that's a discussion for another time. Judon finished the night with a pair of tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and one tasty swig of suds. Have a night No. 99.