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The only guy feeling worse than Texans fans this morning is the ball boy who got TRUCKED by Michael Thomas

September 10, 2019

If you're a Houston Texans fan, you must feel a little hungover this morning. Not from consuming alcohol, but from the emotional highs and lows of that Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints. Few things are as emotionally draining as watching your favorite NFL team go up by one point with under 50 seconds to play while knowing the other team will likely still get one more chance to win the game with a field goal. Then, when the other team does exactly that because of your head coach's ineptitude, you feel sick to your stomach. As a Giants fan, I'm quite experienced in this department.

But at least you didn't take on any actual physical punishment, so you got that going for ya. The same can't be said for this poor ball boy, who got BUNDLED by Saints receiver Michael Thomas on the Superdome's sideline on Monday night. Might be time for the MNF crew to bring back the "he got .... JACKED UP" segment just for this guy:

Another angle:

And the broadcast feed since we have the time:

I'd say you have to keep your head on a swivel if you're going to be a ball boy, but this dude was doing a pretty good job of that already. If you watch it closely a few more times, the hit could have been much worse. It's almost like he took a charge in the NBA, which looks quite painful in its own right. Maybe he should join that Browns fan in concussion protocol just to be safe.