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The New York Yankees can't spell their current best player's name right, make promotional error

April 25, 2018

The New York Yankees have made the most errors of any MLB team this season (Not that it matters much when you have a juggernaut offense). Their biggest gaffe, however, came just off the field on Tuesday night when the team managed to spell one of its player's names wrong for an upcoming promotion. And not just any player, but Didi Gregorius. You know, the guy who is an MVP front-runner (His OPS at an absurd 1.229 right now), their current best player, and the best shortstop to ever put on the Pinstripes. . . (* Ducks *)

OK, so he needs to continue what he's doing for juuuust a few more years to knock Derek Jeter from his pedestal, but just look at this stat!

Back to the point of this post. Despite Didi's historic start, laser arm, and infectious smile (seriously, I love this guy), the Yankees spelled his last name wrong on a sign behind home plate:

Yikes. To be fair, it's not the easiest name to spell. Heck, I thought there was an extra "u" in there, but "GREGIOUS"? That's just a total butcher job. Also, trickier names should get messed up even less on stuff like this, because they should be double and triplechecked.

Not that Didi noticed or minded. All he did was pick up three more hits, including his eighth home run, and knock in three more runs in another Yankees win. Still, I hope the team fixes the sign before tonight's game. And that I can make it to the Stadium on May 12. That Didi bat giveaway sounds pretty sweet.