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There was a "living" statue at Derek Jeter's golf tournament, and the reactions are priceless

April 23, 2018

Baseball players aren't known for their originality when it comes to pranks. There's the dugout hot foot, bubble gum on the hat, Icy Hot in a jock strap...real sophomoric stuff.

So we're not surprised that Derek Jeter's golf tournament broke out the "statue that comes to life" trick. However, even though it's uninspired, it still delivered the goods, indicated in these priceless reactions from unsuspecting victims:

Biggest upset is Ray Allen's reflex. Man was as cool as they came on the court. That he jumped like he saw a python in his toilet almost ruins "He Got Game" for us.

Props to Jeter and company for pulling this off, although next year we'd like to see him roll out every hardball gag in the book, including a trophy ceremony that includes a shaving cream pie to the face.