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The many vibrant shades of Nick Kyrgios on full display during first-round Wimbledon match

Day Two: The Championships - Wimbledon 2019

Rob Newell - CameraSport

Nick Kyrgios is an enigma wrapped inside a riddle. He's simultaneously the craziest and sanest guy in the room. He's self-deprecatingly ego-maniacal. He underachieves based on talent and overachieves based on literally everything else. He's a walking, talking, shouting, serving, racket-breaking duality whose potential for disaster is matched only by his promise for glory. In other words, you never know which Kyrgios you're going to get, but during his first-round Wimbledon match against Jordan Thompson on Tuesday morning, he gave the tennis world the whole enchilada and then some.

He won the first set in a tiebreak and became a Tuesday-before-Fourth-of-July meme in the process.



He tried out some new material with the fans...

...and trotted out trusty classics, like slamming the line judge for a bad call.

At one point he even downed an entire bunch of bananas.


After winning the third set, he broke out this little number...

...before going on to lose the fourth set 0-6 in just 18 MINUTES...

Spoiler alert: It was his own box's fault.

Finally, just when it looked like Kyrgios was about to make the most Kyrgios match ever even more Kyrgios-y with an epic implosion, he outlasted Thompson 12-10 in a fifth-set tiebreak...but not before taking some time to dial in his cricket swing of course.

Up next on the Kyrgios Emotional Hyper-Coaster is a likely second-round matchup with Rafael Nadal, who Kyrgios called "super salty" after Nadal laid into him back in February, saying he "lacks respect for the public, the rival and himself." Getcha popcorn ready, folks...wait do they eat popcorn at Wimbledon?