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The latest Tiger-Phil hype video for 'THE MATCH' might even bring the haters around

November 08, 2018

There are a lot of fans and media members who are down on the upcoming Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson duel in Las Vegas, which is fine. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and no one is forcing you to watch, or pay $19.99 to watch, which seems to the naysayers the biggest knock on "THE MATCH." But even the haters would admit that the latest hype video for the proceedings at Shadow Creek is pretty damn good. Don't believe us? See for yourself:

Oh yeah, that's the good stuff. It's even got multiple sound bites from Johnny Miller! What's not to like? And that's even before we mentioned the "Alright, alright," part where Phil cuts off the announcer rattling off all of Tiger's wins, a video that will never, ever get old.

Even if you STILL haven't come around, we can all admit this was much better than whatever the hell that golf pong thing was the other day. Let's just all pretend that didn't happen. Cool? Cool.