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The latest in Phil-splaining: Disrupting Fro-Yo through robotics

September 11, 2018

Ever wonder what it'd be like to work with Phil Mickelson? No, not on your short game. Rather, imagine the five-time major champion ditching the golf garb for a casual button-down and striding into your morning strategy meeting. Of course he's going to have some fresh thinking and answers. This one-minute clip, in which Mickelson discusses his investment in Reis & Irvy's, whose company tagline is "the future of frozen yogurt," gives a little taste of that dream (pardon the pun).

Aside from a mild hat tan line, you'd never guess Mickelson hasn't spent a career confidently tossing around buzzwords in corporate America. "I think this could be even more disruptive than Redbox has been with Blockbuster," Mickelson says of the automated frozen yogurt vending machine. "I believe this is where the food retail industry is headed." The product will launch in Mickelson's native San Diego. But before you rush to join Mickelson as a franchiser, there are important questions to consider. Like, is a world of high-sugar desserts dispensed by robots a future we want for our children? And, could this impact any current studies on the effects of macro-dairy on subcutaneous fat? As Mickelson once explained his physique to Sports illustrated, "I've got subcutaneous fat. It just lies underneath the skin, as opposed to visceral fat, which lies underneath the muscle. There's nothing I can do about it."

Consumer, medical, technology, paleontology—there's almost no area beyond the reach of Mickelson's curiosity. Whatever sector you work in, this clip is just another reminder that it's important to stay abreast of what Phil will say next.