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THE Katherine Webb is alive, well, and documenting the hell out of Bills training camp

August 02, 2018

Remember Katherine Webb—former girlfriend of Tide QB AJ McCarron and the apple of ol' Brent Musberger's eye? Well, she's AJ's wife now and AJ is a Buffalo Bill, grinding away in Orchard Park as the presumed week 1 starter, provided Josh Allen doesn't go and throw a football over those mountains or something. We only bring this up, because A. good for you, kids B. she's been killing it on Insta over the course of the past week, covering every nook and cranny of Bills training camp with the help of her all-access WAG credential. Check it out:

Pretty "aww"-worthy stuff if you ask us. Plus the couple have a new mini McCarron on the way, which is exciting news for everyone except all three Bills fans who somehow expect the Bills to be in playoff contention and McCarron to still be starting come that December due date.

Oh, and if you're wondering how Mrs. Webb-McCarron is doing away from the field, by the looks of things, just fine, indeed. Brent, I hope you remembered to take your Plavix today: