The internet has fallen head over heels for Swole Daddy, the KBO mascot the Western Hemisphere deserves

The KBO has landed in American shores like a house on fire. No, really.

OK, OK, so we meant that metaphorically. Since ESPN began broadcasting the start of a brand new KBO season on Tuesday morning, American audiences have fallen in love. We are crushing on the camera work, plucked straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, and swooning over the ridiculous team sponsorships, such as the Kia Tigers and Samsung Lions, but the true apple of our eye is not a what but a who. His name?




If you are not in awe at size of this lad, then you are doing the internet all wrong.

Oh, and speaking of wrong, his name isn't actually Swole Daddy. We should probably mention that. His name is actually Seri the Brontosaurus. The whole Swole Daddy thing happened last August, when SB Nation's James Dator penned a touching ode to the NC Dinos' dino, affectionately referring to him as "Swole Daddy" throughout. Google algorithms apparently got wind of the story, flash forward nine months and one pandemic, and suddenly we have new absolute unit on our hands.

On Tuesday, Dator apologized for the creation of Frankenstein's Gen Z monster, but honestly, he should have been saying "you're welcome" instead.

Meanwhile, if you have a fever for which the only cure is more Swole Daddy, the NC Dinos take on the Samsung Lions—who they already beat 4-0 on the back of three tyrannosaurus-sized dingers this week—on Thursday morning at 5:30 a.m. We know it's early, but as Meat Loaf once sang, we would do anything for Swole.