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The honesty from this Washington Nationals fan is something we should all strive for

For diehard fans, you could argue that there is no worse time to watch your favorite team than playoff time. The stress, at times, is overwhelming, to the point where you'd rather your team not have made it so you can just enjoy the ball game and hope everybody has fun. The people that get to do that also have an ace in the hole when watching, and that's calling every other opposing fanbase whose team is in the playoffs "bandwagoners" because they all "came out of the woodwork" for the playoffs which literally "every fanbase ever does."

And there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody should be invited to the party, regardless of how many innings they watched during the regular season. At the end of the day, most casual fans are frontrunners.

The time when that gets you in trouble is when somebody challenges your fanhood, as if that matters in life. We've seen it countless times on news segments shot at victory parades, when random people are asked about what they think about the team's chances going forward, or a particular player's performance, or what the coach's name is, etc. Almost always, the random fan makes a fool of himself or herself, thus giving opposing fans all the ammunition they need to make blanket judgments about an entire fanbase.

But this Washington Nationals fan wasn't going to allow that to happen during his NLCS celebration. After his Nats punched their ticket to the World Series, sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals on their home field, this guy took to the streets of D.C. with his fellow fans and happened to be picked out by a NBC reporter decked out in Nats gear. The reporter asked him a simple question, "how long have you been a Nats fan?" This fan couldn't have been more honest with his answer:

No stumbling or stuttering over his words. No racking his brain to think of a player's name, no false "I've been following them since 2005!" story. Just the facts. This guy literally became a Nats fan in the seconds after they locked up a trip to the franchise's first World Series. Impeccable timing, sir! We should all strive to be as honest as this dude. Congrats to him and his beloved Nats.