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Yankees MVP DJ LeMahieu admits he's an awful quote after giving series of awful quotes in a hilarious interview

There is no question that DJ LeMahieu has been the most valuable player of the New York Yankees this season, which is insane given A. he was signed for depth purposes by general manager Brian Cashman, and B. Cashman admitted in a radio interview last week that it took convincing from others in the organization that LeMahieu was a guy they should look at. With all the star power the Yanks possessed heading into 2019, the guy who signed a two-year, $24 million deal to be a utility player ended up putting himself in the actual AL MVP conversation for a brief period of time.

Any time a player explodes the way LeMahieu has in the Bronx, there's a chance he'll become a huge star both on and off the field. But LeMahieu is a quiet, reserved, somewhat mysterious guy, evidenced by perhaps his biggest moment so far in pinstripes, when he hit a homer in Game 1 of the ALDS, then returned to the dugout and started into the abyss, instantly becoming a meme:

Flying under the radar seems to be what suits LeMahieu well, though if he goes on to have a huge ALCS and maybe even (gulp) a huge World Series, it'll be hard for him to hide from the media circus. The problem with that is, when the media gets ahold of him, they aren't going to love what he has to say, because it will essentially amount to nothing judging by a rapid fire interview he gave in an edition of Yankees magazine called "Quick Hits." It was posted in its entirety to Twitter by a Yankees fan, and boy, is it dull. But if you stick around for the end, you'll be rewarded:

Enhance ...

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 2.43.04 PM.png

You gotta love the honesty. He's fully aware of how much of a snooze fest that entire interview was, and after reading it you can tell it was like pulling teeth for him. But admitting he's a terrible quote after giving a series of terrible quotes shows that he's got a sneaky good sense of humor. His self-awareness level might be just as good as his batting average, which was third in all of baseball this season. Tough guy to root against, unless you're a Mets fan.