The GOAT InvitationalApril 4, 2019

The GOAT: Who do you want to win?

Seven rounds of golf—36 holes of qualifying followed by five rounds of match play—has brought us to this point in The GOAT Invitational: an 18-hole final between Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

All for the title of Greatest Of All Time—The GOAT.

Who do you want to win? Most of the time we’re asked that question, our response is mere conversation fodder. But seeing how this whole thing is a fantasy, a mythical golf tournament conceived in our minds, we’re letting you decide. So it’s very simple:

Go here if you want Jack Nicklaus to win.

Go here if you want Tiger Woods to win.

If you’ve followed along to this point, you might as well get a say in how it should end.