Charles Schwab Challenge

Colonial Country Club

Slow Play

Five times when you need to play through (and five times you should hang back)


Illustrations by Kyle Hilton

Golf is full of etiquette conundrums and awkward encounters, but nothing is more confusing than knowing when to play through. But don't stress, we're here to help, breaking down 10 scenarios that will help you decide whether to stick or twist.

Play through...

• When you finish the novel you're reading between shots

• When your hot coffee on the first tee becomes an iced coffee by the second green

• When the group in front goes into the woods looking for a ball and comes out with 10

• When you count the 15th waggle over a routine wedge shot

• When you promised your wife you wouldn't miss the birth of your child—again

Hang back...

• When the in-laws are staying with you while their kitchen is being renovated

• When your scorecard looks like a second-grade geometry test

• When you check the score of the game, and your team is down 14 in the first quarter

• When Jeff decides it's a second-six-pack kind of day

• When the sun is shining, and you have nowhere to be