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The finish to the Rams, Packers game caused gamblers and fantasy-football owners to absolutely lose their minds

October 28, 2018

Though the Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers Week 8 matchup ended up being the most entertaining game of the Sunday slate, it was really the finish to the game that left anybody playing fantasy football or betting on the game scratching their heads ... or screaming bloody murder at the TV.

The ups and downs of the finish was enough to toy with everyone's emotions. With the Rams going up by two with two minutes to go after a field goal, the Packers and Aaron Rodgers were set to get the ball with a chance to drive and win the game. But Ty Montgomery fumbled the kickoff, leaving the Rams with a chance to ice the game.

That led to a third down with under a minute left, and Todd Gurley breaking free—and heading toward the end zone for a game-clinching touchdown. Or so we thought. Gurley realized that the first down alone would clinch the victory, so he stopped running before taking it in for 6. The implications for gamblers and fantasy football owners were so incredible.

To set the scene, the Packers were underdogs in the game by at least 7 points, in some cases getting even more points than that, as the spread opened at 9 points earlier this week. So with a touchdown, the Packers would've went from winning straight up with just a few minutes left to not even covering the spread.

Rest assured, Packers fans—they got the win because of Gurley going down.

And the over/under total in the game was 57 in most spots. So anybody who took the over was also ready to lose their minds.

Social media, as it so often does in 2018, lost its damn mind.

From someone who bet on the Rams and the over parlayed ... it created some strong emotions.

The only numbers Gurley seems to care about: The Los Angeles Rams are now 8-0.

That's a team player.

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