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The Cubs fan who took a foul ball from a kid is actually not a monster in an M. Night Shyamalan-esque twist

On Sunday, we, we as in golf fans and media, thought the internet was burning to the ground over Tiger Woods taking the lead at the Open Championship. While that was cute, it was merely child's play in comparison to the metaphorical rioting in the streets that was occurring on Twitter over an occurrence at a different sporting event. That occurrence being a monster in a Cubs jersey STEALING a foul ball from a child at Wrigley Field. Have a watch and decide for yourself if this man deserves 25 to life:

Now, we can understand why people would immediately jump to conclusions if this was the only video and only thing you saw from this situation. And when the MLB's Cut4 Twitter account, which is one of the better accounts you'll see on Twitter, tweets it out with that description, chances are people will pile on without any other information available to them. This man is a villain, he is Satan on earth, he must be stopped at all costs. He took a foul ball FROM A CHILD! BURN HIM ALIVE!!

Are these assessments of this man fair based off this 14-second period in his life? I think it's fair to say that they probably aren't, but therein lies the problem with internet burning. Name-call first, ask zero questions later. Could this man be a great guy? Of course! Could he be a terrible guy? Also, of course! Should he be wearing a jersey and getting excited over a foul ball as a middle-aged man? No! But who are we to judge.

Turns out, the guy is actually not a monster, according to people who had the capacity to take a step back, breathe in, use their brains and not immediately grab the torches and pitchforks:

Unfortunately, this stunning turn of events won't really make a difference to those who have already made up their minds and can't turn back now. Seriously, go look at the replies to David Kaplan's tweets. I'd post them here but I've had enough Twitter for today. Let this be a lesson to all that jumping to conclusions is.... never mind. We'll never learn.