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Man wears obnoxiously large glove to baseball game, completely misses catching a foul ball

In the month of June alone we witnessed two legendary moments in the history of fans catching foul balls at MLB games. First, there was my wife the girl at the Padres game who caught one in her beer and then chugged it, cementing her status as the GOAT of foul ball catchers. That lasted all of four days when this dude at the A's game stole her crown by catching two foul balls on consecutive pitches. In a hypothetical world where a Foul Ball Catching Hall of Fame exists, these two are on the first ballot.

This San Francisco Giants fan? He's barred from ever entering the FBCHOF. In fact, he should get a Pete Rose-esque lifetime ban from attempting to catch foul balls, because this is flat out embarrassing. Watch as this man and his obnoxiously large glove completely miss a foul ball at the Giants-Rockies game on Monday:

Hate to pour it on this poor sap, but goodness gracious, this is pathetic. First of all, if you're wearing a glove to a game and you're over the age of 16 (and that's being generous), it's time to re-assess your life choices. Part of the greatness of Padres girl and the A's fan is that they didn't even need a glove for their web gems. This young adult at the Giants game not only wore a glove but wore THAT glove and went full Luis Castillo. To add insult to error, he didn't even get to the ball on the ground first. You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half:

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 12.44.30 PM.png

What a dagger. Next time, leave the glove at home my dude.