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Man, legend and baseball magnet catches two foul balls on consecutive pitches (!!) at Oakland A's game

We're guilty of using the "you see something different every time you go to a baseball game" cliche quite often, but that's because it's true. What other sport produces such insane, unique plays like Brian Dozier's near homer that got stuck in the wall in Minnesota, or Yoenis Cespedes' homer that landed in a trash can, or a dude named Jumbo smacking a dinger into space and celebrating like a champ afterwards? The thing about those three though, is that it was players on the field providing the WTF moments. At the Oakland A's game on Sunday, it was a fan in the stands that made his submission for play(s) of the year.

In the bottom of the sixth A's shortstop Chad Pinder fouled one sky high behind home plate and a fan snatched it up, a catch good enough to get a little reaction from the crowd. Not bad, but fans catch foul balls all the time, so whatever, right? Wrong! On the VERY NEXT pitch, Pinder fouled it off in the same direction, and the fan/baseball magnet caught it again:

Hall-of-Fame worthy stuff from the man in the cut-off shirt. Baseball is the best. As for the "you see something different.." theory, it's actually wrong in this case, although you have to go back more than half a century to find a similar incident. According to Forbes, a woman was struck twice by foul balls hit by Phillies' Richie Ashburn in the same at bat in August of 1957. Different, obviously, because she didn't catch them and ended up walking away with a broken nose and a broken bone in her knee, but you get the point.