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The Columbus Blue Jackets' reaction to having practice cancelled will make you feel like a kid again

January 16, 2019
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Remember snow days? Those magical mornings when you would wake up and turn on the TV to see the name of your school scrolling across the screen and be overcome with the potential of your newfound freedom? Video games, sled riding, skiing, Maury marathons—the possibilities were seemingly endless. Well, that's exactly what this video of Columbus Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella delivering news that Thursday's practice was cancelled reminds me of. Crank the volume and check it out:

The sheer joy these highly paid professionals feel when granted a single afternoon off is absolutely infectious. Only the most friendless, wifeless, hapless cynic could resist cracking a smile as the Jackets whoop and holler and imagine the video games and sled rides and whatever it is that adults do on their days off (get caught up on laundry, most likely). And before you say "yes, but", yes, but the NHL season is a like one giant bruise that you hit over and over again for six straight months. These guys deserve a day off once in awhile....especially when you consider the fact the Blue Jackets were coming off a 4-1 dismantling of the Devils when Torts broke the news.

The win was the Jackets fourth straight, propelling them to the top of the Metropolitan Division, level on points with the reigning Stanley Cup champion Capitals. So go ahead, enjoy the Maury marathons, gentlemen. You've earned it.