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The best Tiger Woods highlight from the Genesis Open arrives late, but better than never

February 19, 2019

Tiger Woods had an up-and-down weekend at the Genesis Open, winding up T15 without ever really challenging at his own tournament. Despite the middling finish and spotty weather, however, Tiger fans and stans certainly still found a few hooks to hang their hopes on ahead of majors season, including a trio of eagles across rounds two and three that saw Woods doing what he has failed to do far too often over the past half decade: Take advantage of par 5s. These blasts from the past had Tiger's gallery so fired up, that some were even promising to post the footage on Insta before the putts even made it hole. Optimistic you say? Not when have the Big Cat swinging the axe:

The best part, though, isn't the putt (and definitely not the Blair Witch-inspired camera work), but Tiger's response: A full-blooded point straight at the filmer that practically screams "POST IT." It's no "GO GET THAT," but it's a legit boss move from a legit boss, and the gallery's hysterical reaction is proof enough. If you're too young to remember Tiger in his prime and don't get what he means to people, just listen to this grown man screaming "WOOAhAhAh" like he just ate an entire tray of special brownies and you'll start to understand.

The subplot here is Tiger, in his advancing age, finally morphing from The Man on the course to The Man off it. He's always supported charities and causes—as seemingly 100 years of Tiger Jam will attest—but his accessibility and swagger, in the words of the almighty Spinal Tap, have now been turned up to eleven. Cut-offs, Terminator sunglasses, flexing for the camera after every eagle. Needless to say, we can't wait to see what he comes up with next.