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The best "Shark Tank" golf ideas that have appeared over the years

April 23, 2020
ABC's "Shark Tank" - Season Six

Adam Rose

We all have at least one billion dollar idea at some point in our lives.

When I was a youngling, I invented mixing cheddar and pretzel goldfish, but now Pepperidge Farm stole the idea and manufactures that exact concept. I didn't end up attaining the fame and riches from this mixture that I deserved, but many others over the past decade or so have gotten their chance on the television show "Shark Tank."

Earlier this month, a company entitled Bad Birdie got its chance and cashed in with a $300,000 investment from Robert Herjavec. Bad Birdie and many other golf ideas have had the opportunity to hit it big on this vaunted ABC program, and we wouldn't be doing our due diligence if we didn't break down what we've seen from the ingenious Shark Tank golf ventures to those that have been fantastically wacky.

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Bad Birdie ($72 for a polo)

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 12.03.56 PM.png

The aforementioned Bad Birdie stands out in idea, design and color. A fashion company that creates creative and fun golf polos (along with hats and quarter-zips) with a younger clientele in mind, founder Jason Richardson and his posse arrived on "Shark Tank" ready to impress, and it seems to have worked. A deal was reached for a $300,000 investment in exchange for 20-percent equity. Just perusing the shirts, I've found a few that'll help me look better while my golf game is suffering. My early favorite is the featured image above that screams Saved by the Bell. Available at

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 12.08.08 PM.png

Although the company didn't take home a deal off of "Shark Tank" in 2013, Caddyswag is still out and about. The six-pack cooler that fits in your golf bag is an idea for the ages. You're going to drink a warm beer on a hot summer day? Why would you do that? The insulation and the reusable flexible gel pack allow your alcohol to stay frigid even if your game teeters between hot and cold. The business' description states that you can use the cooler on a "boat, canoe, kayak, bike or in luggage," but if you're reading this here, we know that you'd consider a cold one on the course.

Golfkicks ($32)


Although we have plenty of golf shoes to recommend, perhaps you'd feel better wearing your normal off-course footwear while playing. The design team behind Golfkicks came up with a way to transform your regular kicks into golf shoes at a moment's notice. This "Shark Tank" golf company scored a deal with Mark Cuban who will give $300,000 for a 13-percent stake, and they've been gaining gaining traction since appearing on the show in 2019. Available at

Twister The Golf Ball Cleaner ($19.99)

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 11.39.57 AM.png

A full-time police officer with a love for golf, Alfonzo Dowe, Sr. went on "Shark Tank" in 2010 with the perfect pitch to keep your golf balls fresh. The Twister is a handheld, lightweight cleaner to bring with you on the course. Although the product didn't get the buy-in from the panel, you can purchase one today through Dowe's direct-sales website. Available at

Kronos Golf (at least $350)


Photographer: Eric Williams

A sleek putter, which is milled from one piece of metal and a computer numeric control (CNC) machine, Kronos Golf made it onto "Shark Tank" back in 2014. Co-founders Phillip Lapuz and Eric Williams asked for $150,000 for a 15-percent stake, which included a plea from Lapuz requesting financial security with his company so he can bring his fiancee to the U.S. from Japan. The specialized putters take between six months to two years to be completed, so maybe now's the time to start thinking about holiday gifts—for someone else or for yourself. Why not? You deserve it. Available at


If you're looking for a gag gift for the golfer in your life or the ideal present for your friend who needs to stop for the bathroom after every four holes, the UroClub is the perfect purchase. Pitched on "Shark Tank" by its founder Dr. Floyd Seskin as a “self-contained receptacle,” the UroClub is a urinal disguised as a golf club. Seskin ended up making a deal with Kevin Harrington, $25,000 for 70 percent of the company. Let's allow the Amazon description to speak for itself, "UroClub Tinkle Club is the ONLY club guaranteed to keep you out of the woods."