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The best 3-point shooter in the world might be this pop-a-shot national champ

February 28, 2019

Move over, Stephen Curry. Joe Harris, you had a nice run at the NBA 3-point Contest earlier this month, but step aside as well. Because the best 3-point shooter in the world is some 30-something washed up high school player who specializes in pop-a-shot. Seriously.

Introducing Anthony Miracola, whose shooting touch made him the first small ball (think arcade basketball) national champ in 2018 (Yes, this is a real thing). And who earlier this week set a Guinness World Record for making 31 consecutive NBA 3-pointers in less than a minute. That's the equivalent of making all 25 shots in the 3-point contest during NBA All-Star Weekend—and then draining six more for fun. Check out the remarkable feat of finesse:

And here's a different angle in which you can see a fully dressed referee signal after each basket:

The best part? (Well, other than the ref, of course.) Only two of Miracola's attempts rattle around the rim at all. The others are pure. Is it the prettiest form? No, but the dude gets the job done.

For winning the small ball tournament, Miracola earned a trip to last year's All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. Steph and co. are lucky Miracola's prize didn't include entry into the 3-point contest.