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Aussie cricket fan sends crowd into hysterics with beer-crushing masterclass, is late contender for sports hero of the year

December 20, 2021

It was a HUGE weekend for obscure global pub sports. While you were decking the halls and frosting Christmas cookies, the World Darts Championship raged on in merry old England, fans in such rapture they could be seen dumping pitchers of beer over their heads instead of drinking them. In Australia, meanwhile, The Ashes, an annual Test cricket series between England and their Southern Hemisphere redneck second cousin, got underway. The first edition since 2019 for obvious reasons, Aussie fans came ready to party, but none harder than this hero, who purchased the venue maximum of four beers at one time and somehow managed to finish all of them before returning to his seat. We pick up this legend at the beginning of beer number three …

Absolutely electric scenes. In Australia, everything is a sport, including but by no means limited to crushing beers while watching sports. The Barry Sanders of beer chugging takes the competition to another level with his theatrics, however, ducking, dodging, cutting back, and reversing field, driving onlookers wild before jamming home his two remaining pints with ease. As additional angles show, the fans become so transfixed in his performance, they forgot all about the cricket blood feud playing out on the field below.

Spurred on by our new friend here, Australia went on to win Test 2 by 275 runs, which sounds like a lot but who knows with cricket. Needless to say, not all heroes wear capes … but some do dye their hair green.