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The amount of food the Buffalo Bills consume during a given week is staggering

October 11, 2017
Richie Incognito

Brett Carlsen

Listen, it’s no surprise that a 53-man roster of muscle-bound meat-heads who spend all day, every day working up an appetite are going to consume a lot of food. You don’t look like Richie Incognito if you don’t. In an effort to determine exactly how much an NFL franchise devours over the course of week, however, ESPN recently joined the Buffalo Bills F&B program for a meat-and-potatoes (literally) look at modern football nutrition, and the numbers they came back with are absolutely belt-busting. Read them and weep:

700: Pounds of chicken per week

500-600: Pounds of grass-fed beef per week


Mike Rodak

250-300: Pounds of salmon per week

60: Pounds of broccoli per day

56: Pounds of strawberries per day

35: Pounds of almond butter per week

7,200: Ounces of smoothies per week


Mike Rodak

50: Bunches of asparagus per day

52: Cases of water per week

As you can probably tell, while Bills players eat A LOT, they don’t eat poorly. Even 320-pound Incognito eats NINE serving a vegetables per day, while Tyrod Taylor—who strives to consume a mind-boggling 5,000 daily calories in the offseason—hasn’t touched a piece of beef or pork since high school. In a town that invented the buffalo wing and specializes in something called a “garbage plate”, that is no small feat.

If you're suddenly feeling like a human dumpster, well, welcome to the club, but there is a small piece of comforting common ground in all of this: The Bills players still love PB&Js and the Bills cafeteria still serves them, grape jam (get out of here with that strawberry shit) and all.


Mike Rodak