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Christmas Cringe

11 things we noticed in TaylorMade’s unintentionally hilarious holiday video

December 19, 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and that can only mean one thing:

Another TaylorMade holiday spectacular is upon us.

Each December, golf’s biggest brand decks the hall with their now-infamous Christmas cards, but this year they went one step further. After teasing the return of Mac Daddy Santa earlier this week, TaylorMade dropped a minute-long holiday video on Tuesday featuring some of golf’s top talent toiling away in Santa’s workshop. The results were unintentionally hilarious, a series of bizarre misfires and misfit toys that sent Golf Twitter running for their podcast microphones. Though packed with deranged details and intriguing implications, these were the 11 funniest things we noticed as we watched again and again (and again).

If you think this is Tiger Woods, we have some prime Jupiter swampland to sell you


What can we say? Mac Daddy Santa has a full schedule this time of year.

They gave Rory a hammer? After the year he's had??


Safe to assume that wedge has LaCava’s name on it.

Balls are the it gift this season


Hotter than canned corn at a doomsday prepper convention.

Collin Morikawa is being held against his will


Hello, 911? We'd like to report an active hostage situation. Yep, that's right, the North Pole. Please hurry.

He's also never wrapped a present in his entire life


Definitely a gift bag guy, no shame in that.

Tommy Fleetwood: still too jumpy to win majors


It’s a Jack-In-The-Box, Tommy. It can’t hurt you.

Definitely still not Tiger


How deep does this rabbit hole go?

Tough break for Ollie right at the buzzer


Should have thought twice before switching to Pings, Ollie …

A few of our friends at Barstool also made the naughty list


At least Ollie will have some company.

Leaving an adjustment hole in the wrapping paper is World No. 1 stuff


That neckline is more like World No. 151 though.

Even elf Nelly is detail-oriented


Perfect bow placement for a power fade. Nice work, Nelly.