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Taylor Swift wears bracelet with surprising golf connection at AFC Championship, Internet goes crazy

January 29, 2024
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Rob Carr/Getty Images

Perhaps you watched the AFC Championship game on Sunday and noticed that Taylor Swift was in attendance at M&T Bank Stadium as the Kansas City Chiefs punched their ticket to Super Bowl LVIII with a 17-14 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. This isn’t breaking news as the pop sensation is dating Travis Kelce and has become a staple at Chiefs games of late, but eagle-eyed former LPGA phenom Michelle Wie West caught something that few others did, prompting an an ALL-CAPS exhaltation on social media as the confetti fell.


Yes, that’s Swift rocking a bracelet designed by golf legend Michelle Wie West. It’s a gold tennis friendship bracelet from Wove that can be customized with white, yellow and rose gold and even a "choose your own adventure" option when it comes to lettering. It’s just under $6,000 which is basically nothing if your parlays are hitting (or your name is Taylor Swift).

It looks like Swift went for a TNT lettering, which could stand for Taylor ‘n Travis or maybe she’s just a fan of action movies split up by a ridiculous amount of commercials on cable television. They do know drama, after all.

Wie went on to explain the piece of jewelry a bit further as well. “The design inspiration behind this line was to create an upscale version of friendship bracelets. And the fact that the Queeeeeen of friendship bracelets is actually wearing it is just mind blowing.”

The always-online Jessica Hadwin even chimed in looking for the bracelet. Valentine’s Day is coming up. Get on it, Adam. If it’s good enough for Taylor, it’s good enough for golf royalty.