Bring Augusta National to your home with the delicious (and cheap!) Taste of the Masters

March 05, 2024
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Depending on how you choose to look at it, ordering a party hosting kit directly from The Masters can be a great way to hang out with friends and family as you watch the tournament—or a pale substitute reminding you (again) that you didn't win the ticket lottery.

Whichever way you take it, one thing each of the two packages available has in common with the real event is good value: The Masters is the home of the $1.50 pimento-cheese sandwich, and the party packages that are now available to be shipped to you to eat at home during Masters week uphold the same tradition.

The "Classics Kit" serves four to six, and includes 24 ounces of pimento cheese, six bags of plain Masters potato chips, six Moon Pies, 12 Masters branded cups and coasters and assorted hosting materials like wax paper and little labels. The price is just shy of $100—which is actually cheaper than what you'd pay if you ordered those items ad hoc.

The Large Hosting Kit—which serves 12-14—adds 24 ounces of egg salad and pork barbecue, six bags of barbecue potato chips, six cookies, six bags of Georgia Pecan Caramel popcorn and ramps up the number of souvenir cups to 25. Again, you come out ahead ordering the package from the Masters for $179.95 instead of piecing it together yourself:

The moral of the story? The Masters is still the biggest bargain in sports—even when you can't get in.