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Golf Twitter roasts Talor Gooch for his take the Masters should have an asterisk for not including Talor Gooch

February 27, 2024

Cliff Hawkins

Another major season awaits, and with it the same old bellyaching. The LIV ex-pats, tired of counting their millions and playing in front of hundreds, want dates to golf’s biggest dances and many are being left out in the cold yet again. That includes 2023 LIV Golf individual champ Talor Gooch, who voiced his frustrations with his 2024 Masters omission on Tuesday:

Bold words, especially when you realize what Gooch really means is that the most hallowed event in all of golf—and maybe even sports—will be circumspect if Talor Gooch doesn’t play, as Barstool Sports’ Daniel Rapaport explains.

Golf Twitter isn’t exactly a hospitable place, even on a good hair day, but if you come at Augusta National Golf Club, you best not miss, especially if you made your bed on a pile of oil money and now no longer want to sleep in it. The response to Gooch’s asterisk comment was swift and merciless, a tough-but-true rebuttal that made for hilarious scrolling on Tuesday afternoon. Read 'em and weep, Goochers.

@DataGolf took the analytical approach. Congratulations to newly Gooch-certified PGA Champion Brooks Koepka.

As did @NoLayingUp …

While @KylePorterCBS pointed out the hypocrisy of the claim.

@JamieCWeir pointed there is a potential path for LIV players into the Masters. Talor Gooch simply didn’t take it.

Some, however, we’re content to simply “take the p*ss” as our limey friends across the pond might say.

@deepfriedegg even retweeted this classic.

Feel however you want to feel about this. Maybe you think LIV Golf players should get OWGR points just like the PGA Tour guys. Maybe you don’t. But we can all agree this was a cook sesh for the ages. Marinated overnight. 12 hours in the smoker. Put a fork in the kid. He’s done.