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Super Bowl LIII: The Rams have a coach dedicated to holding Sean McVay back on sideline

January 23, 2019

Sean McVay's genius will be discussed and dissected to death these next two weeks leading up to and through Super Bowl LIII. But as brilliant as the NFL's Doogie Howser is, apparently, he's not smart enough to keep from running into referees on the sideline. The Los Angeles Rams' solution? Dedicate a coach to making sure that doesn't happen. No, really.

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Ted Rath is the Rams' director of strength training and performance so he actually has a real job. However, during games he morphs into McVay's monitor/dance partner. Check out this funny video in which he describes his bizarre duty:

At 33 years and 10 days as of Super Bowl Sunday, McVay would be the youngest coach to claim an NFL (or FBS) championship. But he's going to need to put that beautiful mind to work if he's going to beat grizzled mastermind Bill Belichick (Oh yeah, and grizzled quarterback Tom Brady). Apparently, he'll also need the quickness of Rath's arms and legs. Now that's teamwork.

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