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Sunscreen on Sale

One of our favorite sunscreens for golf is on sale right now

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We can all remember those days when mom nagged us to put on sunscreen before running out of the house to go play. Now that we've grown up, we have come to realize that mom was right, using SPF daily is essential—even under overcast skies. As golfers, finding the perfect sunscreen can be hard. It can't be too greasy or else our hands will slip. Spray sunscreen is a controversial topic because the application is less exact, the negative impact of aerosols on the environment and the potential for containing harmful carcinogens. If you absolutely MUST, it’s better to use spray sunscreen than nothing at all, but most sprays have to be rubbed in any way, so we’ll always recommend lotion sunscreen over spray.
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As annoying as it can be, sunscreen is serious business, and it shouldn't be taken lightly. Just a quick application of it before you head to the first tee isn't enough either, if you want the best protection you must re-apply it throughout your round or practice session. But just because it's serious doesn't mean it has to be painstakingly difficult. Supergoop, one of the most popular sunscreen brands on the market, is known for its quality SPF products that have a barely-there feel. But quality comes at a price, and we know it can be difficult to shell out $30 for a bottle of sunscreen. To help make the sunscreen shopping process a little easier on the wallet, Supergoop is discounting everything 20-percent now through Tuesday (May 16) when you use the code SPF20. We've scouted out some of the best and most-golf-friendly Supergoop products to consider while the sale is still running.
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