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These UV photos show the sun's dramatic effects on a handful of senior tour pros

June 06, 2019

UV photographs display sun damage in the form of mottled pigmentation because UV light is reduced by melanin. Dark spots indicate sun damage. Golf Digest senior staff photographer Dom Furore photographed PGA Tour Champions players Gene Sauers, Steve Flesch, Rocco Mediate and Miguel Angel Jimenez earlier this year at the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf event in Missouri. Accompanying the photos are selected comments from the players, as told to Golf Digest senior writer Matthew Rudy.

“In the late ′80s, we would get to Vegas, and I wore a visor at the time. I went home one night and ran a comb through my hair, and it hurt! I said, ‘I need to start wearing a hat and wearing sunscreen.’ We have screenings twice a year out here, and thankfully I've never needed to have anything removed. But I'm out here four or five hours a day, and then I go home and hole up inside.”

GD070119_FEAT_SKIN CARE_7.jpg

Photo by Dom Furore

GD070119_FEAT_SKIN CARE_8.jpg

Photo by Dom Furore

“I'm very fair-skinned. I've been through my battles of having stuff burned off—pre-cancerous actinic keratosis. I go twice a year and get checked. I've had stuff taken off the crown of my head where I got a burn through my hat. It's moisturizer with sunscreen for me every day on my arms and legs, and more sunscreen on my face. You have to.”

GD070119_FEAT_SKIN CARE_1.jpg

Photo by Dom Furore

GD070119_FEAT_SKIN CARE_2.jpg

Photo by Dom Furore

“My skin is different than a lot of the guys out here. You look at some of them, and they're just toasted.”

GD070119_FEAT_SKIN CARE_5.jpg

Photo by Dom Furore

GD070119_FEAT_SKIN CARE_6.jpg

Photo by Dom Furore

“I'm very fair and put lotion on every day.”

GD070119_FEAT_SKIN CARE_3.jpg

Photo by Dom Furore

GD070119_FEAT_SKIN CARE_4.jpg

Photo by Dom Furore