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Strap in folks, there are over 350 live football games on your television for the next 27 STRAIGHT days

Diehard college football fans and degenerate gamblers alike probably all noticed something strange about this week's Thursday night schedule. Normally, there's a shitty ESPN game each week between two bottom-feeding ACC teams or a pair middle-of-the-pack Big 12 teams that has absolutely no business going up against the NFL game. But it does anyway, and it's nice to have it just to flip to when the NFL game is at commercial or equally as bad as the college game.

But this Thursday night, completely out of the blue, there are FIVE college football games that will be on live television, and at least three of them are quite good! Baylor at West Virginia (on FS1 at 7 p.m.) has a tiny bit of intrigue, as does Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech (this is the bottom-feeding ACC game we talked about. ESPN at 7:30 p.m.) and then there's the sneaky, No. 25 in the AP Poll 5-1 Appalachian State Mountaineers on upset alert as they take on 6-1 Georgia Southern on the road (on ESPNU at 7:30 p.m.). Then of course, you have the Miami Dolphins at the Houston Texans over on FOX. It's a banner night for football.

(extreme 30 for 30 narrator guy voice) What if I told you ... that this was just the tip of the iceberg? That for the next month, you won't be able to turn on the TV without a live football game being available at the touch of a finger? Well, believe it, because it's gloriously true, as pointed out by Mike Huguenin, a college football writer for The Athletic:

In these ugly times when everyone is divided and no one can agree on a damn thing, people like Mike Huguenin swoop in to bring everyone together. Huguenin probably didn't know it at the time, and he may still not know it now, but this is the greatest tweet he will ever send. His followers reacted accordingly:

With the birth of Thursday Night Football, the rise of #MACtion and the sneaky rise of the #FunBelt, this is hardly a new concept. There has definitely been years in the past where a similar streak of live, televised football may have occurred, it's just that no one had ever pointed it out as astutely as our man Mike Huguenin. He inspired us to look a little closer at just how many live games will be on over the next 27 days. Our math tells us that including Thursday, between the NFL and NCAA, there will be a total of 379 (!!!) live football games.

Live look at me right now:

Strap in, stock up on beer, meat and snacks, and find your favorite spot on the couch and don't move for the next month. FOOTBALL!