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Steve Stricker shares funny story about how Tiger Woods' caddie wound up working for him this week

April 20, 2023

Sadly, golf fans can't expect to see Tiger Woods on the golf course anytime soon following his latest surgery. Tiger Woods' caddie, though? That's a different story.

Joe LaCava is looping this week at the Zurich Classic, grabbing the bag of longtime Tiger friend, teammate, and sometimes putting coach Steve Stricker. It's a tandem that makes sense given the history between Woods and Stricker, but it almost didn't happen because he called a bunch of other caddies first, including LaCava's son, Joe Jr., who has caddied for the PGA Tour Champions player before.

Apparently, Stricker didn't think Joe Sr. would be interested. But not only did he immediately agree to take the gig—Joe Jr. was already working this week—Joe Sr. was ticked he wasn't asked sooner.

"Now he's upset I asked his kid first," Stricker said laughing.

Here's the entire funny story from Stricker, who called himself a "56-year-old guy, washed up tour player":

Stricker is partnered with Zach Johnson this week in the team event at TPC Louisiana. The older duo has a Thursday afternoon tee time, which could keep them from making it to any early-bird specials for dinner.

All kidding aside, after last caddying at the Masters, LaCava is probably as bummed as anyone about the latest Tiger news. And with his regular boss out for a sustained period of time (again), he was probably happy to have something to do—as long as it doesn't conflict with any New York Rangers playoff games.