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Stetson Bennett continues to cement legend status by slinging chicken tenders from a Raising Cane's drive-thru

This has been, without question, the greatest week of Stetson Bennett's life. First, he won the National Championship for the school he grew up rooting for, the University of Georgia, giving the Bulldogs their first national title since 1980. Immediately after, he celebrated the same way any college kid would - by getting weird drunk and sleeping for a grand total of zero hours.

Despite that, he still managed to show up on "Good Morning America," where he essentially admitted he was still hammered and hadn't slept without actually saying so. He was, of course, hailed as a hero afterward, proving that if you win a National Championship for an SEC school you can pretty much do no wrong for the rest of your life. 

Later in the week, Bennett continued to cement his legendary, folk-hero status by picking up a shift at Raising Cane's, one of the more popular fast food chains in the South. The only thing Bennett slings better than the pigskin is chicken tenders from the drive-thru, evidently:

What's funny is, Bennett looks like a guy that would be working the drive-thru as his regular job (no offense to drive-thru people). He's not exactly the protoypical, square-jaw SEC quarterback. But this is a Raising Cane's in Georgia, so we're pretty sure everyone's going to recognize him and give him a hearty "Go Dawgs" before chowing down.