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Joe Judge hosting a fired coaches party, complete with a ton of pizza and beer, is a move you have to respect

When fans look back on Joe Judge's stint as New York Giants head coach, they won't look back fondly. It's a shame given Judge seemingly got the most out of a below-average roster in year 1 and was without starting quarterback Daniel Jones for six games in year 2. Thems the breaks in the NFL, unfortunately.

In reality, two moves toward the end of this season ultimately did Judge in: 1. That strange, 11-minute press conference/rant after the Week 17 loss to the Chicago Bears that made him sound like a babbling idiot, and 2. the QB sneak on 3rd-and-9-from-inside-their-own-10-yard-line seen 'round the world against Washington last Sunday. Two dumb moves he likely wishes he had back, two convenient excuses for owner John Mara to send him packing.

Ironically, two moves not long after his firing have now made Judge look like a pretty good dude: 1. Hosting a fired coaches party at his New Jersey home, and 2. Ordeing a ton of pizza and beer to said home. Shoutout to the creeps over at TMZ for grabbing a few snapshots of the delivery:

At first, social media dumped on TMZ for ... being TMZ, which is to say they were stalking this poor guy. And then, everyone jumped to the conclusion that Judge was just crushing all this himself to ease the pain. Pat Leonard, a Giants beat reporter for the New York Daily News who is well-connected, dug a little deeper and found out that it was indeed a party for all the Giant coaches that were relieved of their duties this week, and that they weren't just drinking Coors Light and Mich Ultras, but Guinness and Coronas, too. Great job by Leonard for getting answers to the same questions we were all asking:

Honestly, you have to respect it. The NY media, the uncertainty about his job, the incessant injuries, etc., all clearly got to him at the end. But it's obvious that he's not a bad guy. This party was probably the most fun he's had in months.