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Kelly Stafford just buried Los Angeles Rams fans in a shallow grave ahead of Monday’s home Wild Card game

January 13, 2022

Week 18 was a bitter pill to swallow for the Los Angeles Rams. Leading 17-0 against the San Francisco 49ers at home, the Rams took their foot off the gas and got passed in the final corner. Their 27-24 overtime capitulation not only handed their dreaded division rivals a playoff berth, but it also set up a Monday Wild Card showdown against fellow NFC West foes the Arizona Cardinals. Normally the fact the game will be held at SoFi Stadium would be a sliver of good news for the Rams, but as Kelly Stafford, wife of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, pointed out on Wednesday, that’s not exactly the case.

“I have never seen so many of the opposing teams fans at a game [as there were on Sunday] … and we came from Detroit,” Stafford begins, throwing punches, not pulling them. “Matthew was on a silent count, Jimmy Garappolo was not—who was the opposing quarterback. It was crazy.”

From the sound of things, the Staffords are now learning what football fans—and even the oblivious decision makers in the NFL league office—have known for decades: Los Angeles doesn’t care about football.

Or at the very least, Los Angeles doesn’t care about football in the same way that Buffalo, Green Bay, and Kansas City care about football. There are your ride-or-dies, to be sure. All credit to them, it can’t be easy to care about four yards and a cloud of dust in Tinseltown. But don’t expect SoFi Stadium to start rocking until the NFC Championship, because the only thing that really gets La La Land fired up is the chance to ride someone else’s coattails to fame and fortune.

Which explains why Stafford is coming at Rams fans so hard at the moment, begging them NOT to sell their tickets to Cardinals fans ahead of Monday night’s game (an unthinkable plea in just about any other NFL market ahead of a massive in-division playoff game). Whether or not it works or just pisses off the true Rams fans even more remains to be seen, but something tells us you’ll be hearing Kyler Murray’s Omahas loud and clear come Monday.