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Matt Stafford shows Aaron Rodgers a proper beer chug, improves awful record against the Packers

Aaron Rodgers has been showing his face at many of the Milwaukee Bucks' home games this NBA postseason, which has unfortunately led to him getting BODIED buy his own teammate in a beer-chugging competition. One of Rodgers' tackles, David Bakhtiari, cannot stop housing beers on the big screen right in Rodgers' face, which is to be expected from a dude that checks in at 6-foot-4 and weighs over three bills.

Here was Bakhtiari on Thursday night, merely a few minutes into Game 5 between the Bucks and the Toronto Raptors, downing two adult sodas and making them look like Capri Suns. Rodgers tried to keep up, and understandably could not:

A-Rod tried to save himself soon after on Twitter, claiming he'd rather have scotch. Classic MANLY move to make your chugging skills look less bad:

Then Rodgers suffered further embarrassment when NL MVP Christian Yelich, a member of the Milwaukee Brewers, easily polished one off. All No. 12 could do was shake his head:

Just when you thought everyone had enough of picking on poor Aaron, Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford put him in the grave on Twitter, sending out a video of himself chugging one in a bar:

Now that's a quarterback. Never mind that Stafford's career record vs. the Packers is 7-10, he now has the mental edge. Frankly, this is worth an extra victory, putting Stafford at 8-10 and just two away from .500. Is Aaron Rodgers a fraud? We're all thinking it.