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Stephen Curry's got a brand new (golf) bag -- and it's straight fire

July 14, 2017

Stephen Curry's new golf bag has a bold -- and boastful -- personalized touch. But we've decided that when you're a two-time NBA MVP, a two-time NBA champ, and the holder of a sub-two handicap, you're allowed to show up to the golf course with whatever you want.

On Thursday, Curry unveiled his flashy bag at the American Century Championship. Check out the design that commemorates him recently winning a second NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors:

Pretty slick.

Stephen Curry is one of the favorites at the annual celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, but he made more golf news recently when he accepted a sponsor's invite to play in a Tour event next month. It looks like Curry will compete against tour pros with names on their bags with his number and trophies on his.

Of course, the only problem with Steph's bag is its staying power. With the Warriors listed as overwhelming favorites to win the NBA title again next season, he might need a new one pretty quickly.