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How about them Chargers?

The footage of the guy who had a 10-leg, $126,000 parlay riding on the Chargers last night is the emotional rollercoaster of the century

October 05, 2021

Primetime television. Raiders-Chargers. Battle for control of the AFC West. For the first time this season, Monday Night Football had big-time gridiron implications, even without the Manning bros. Almost a quarter of the way into the season, it is time time to separate the pretenders from the contenders, and after their big win on Monday, the Justin Herbert-led Chargers are sure looking like contenders.

And yet, despite the on-field importance, the biggest battle on Monday night was happening off of it, where NFL bettor Sean Klumpp stood to win $126,000 on a massive 10-leg parlay. All he needed? A Chargers cover the willpower to let it ride.

Midday Monday, Klumpp’s cashout hovered around $45,000, but he kept his eyes on the (bigger) prize.

Then, for maximum drama, the game, which was being played at the roofed SoFi Stadium, began with a 35-minute lightning delay. Klumpp didn’t let that weaken his resolve, however, and could be seen sweating it out as the Chargers dominated the first half.

The Chargers went into halftime up 21-0, but if you thought that would ease tensions, it didn't, as FanDuel kept ratcheting up the cashout, first to $67,000 …

… and then to a whopping $80,000.

But nothing is ever easy, and the Raiders quickly scored 14 unanswered in the third quarter, dropping the cashout back to $58,000. A glass case of emotion strapped to the front car of a rollercoaster is the only way to describe it, but thankfully Klumpp had his dad and brother on hand to impart a crucial piece of wisdom:

Scared money don’t make money.

Then there were five minutes left …

Then three …

Then zero.

Talk about titanium cojones. A lessor bettor may have crumbled, especially at $80,000, but Klumpp steeled himself, stood up straight, and walked away with a win he will never, ever, as long as he lives or bets, repeat. Congrats buddy, don’t spend it all at once.