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South Carolina golf team involved in car crash on way home from tournament

March 19, 2024

Nathan Franks hits a shot en route to winning the Schenkel Invitational. (Photo courtesy of University of South Carolina)

A few hours after their teammate celebrated a victory in a college tournament, the University of South Carolina men’s golf team was involved in a terrible crash caused by a driver who reportedly ran a red light. Fortunately, no major injuries were suffered.

Gamecocks assistant coach Brady Gregor told Golfweek that the accident happened on a two-way highway in Waynesboro, Ga., about 90 minutes from the team’s home in Columbia, S.C.

Gregor, who was driving the van with eight total occupants, said the team vehicle was traveling about 40 mph when a Jeep Grand Cherokee ran a red light while making a left turn. After the collision, both vehicles crashed into a truck in a turn lane, he said. Gregor reported that the other driver tried to drive away, but only got about 100 yards before the damaged SUV wasn’t able to go farther.

The biggest injury suffered in the accident, Gregor said, was a hairline fracture to the elbow of junior Nathan Franks, who had won the Schenkel Invitational in Greensboro, Ga., on Sunday. It was Franks’ second victory of the 2023-24 season, and he is expected to be out until the SEC Championships.