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Order in the Court

Put the Emmys on notice, Fox is reportedly mulling a ‘Judge Judy’-style show hosted by Skip Bayless

Did you know that Fox Sports and Skip Bayless just agreed to a new four-year, $32-million-dollar deal? Sure, that’s nothing compared to what Skip’s boy Dak Prescott just got, but it’s not bad for a guy who literally does one show on a sports network that pretty much only airs Conference USA basketball and dirt bike racing. So as you can probably imagine, the execs over at Fox Sports are looking for a few new outlets for Bayless to ease their buyer’s remorse, and according to Michael McCarthy at Front Office Sports, one idea that is still being kicked around is ‘Judge Skip,’ a ‘Judge Judy’-style courtroom debate show with Bayless acting as judge, jury, and, presumably, executioner. Yes, this is a real idea that apparently no one has scrapped yet. Here’s McCarthy on the shoe-in Emmy-winner:

"Nothing has been finalized. The Judge Skip concept is one of several solo ideas on the drawing board for the controversial co-host of FS1’s “Skip & Shannon: Undisputed” morning debate show. If approved, it would air on weekday afternoons, said sources."

You may think this sounds like insanity. You may think it is the worst idea since green ketchup and wonder aloud at why you can’t have a cool programming development gig at a national sports network if this is the level of semi-stoned schlock they’re looking for. But first we ask you to consider how much Skip Bayless and Judge Judy look alike. Once you've done that, this idea goes from a zero to a 100 in a hurry.

Downright spooky. Now we won’t be surprised if ‘Judge Skip’ eventually sees the doomed light of day—this is FS1 we’re talking about here—but we kind of doubt it. It’s a little too silly. The kids these days don’t care about law and order, only Tik Tak and Fornite Duty. It does make you wonder what other ideas the Fox Sports think tank is hard at work on though. Colin Cowherd pimps your tailgate ride. Shannon Sharpe as owner of a wacky Reno pawnshop. The options are literally endless.