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Ryder Cup 2023: Shane Lowry celebrates Europe’s Ryder Cup win … by rewatching Europe’s Ryder Cup win

October 03, 2023

Shane Lowry was a lot of things at the 2023 Ryder Cup. Veteran, cheerleader, bouncer, party master. You name it, the Irishman handled it at Marco Simone, helping the Euros to a deserved 16½ to 11½ victory.

But even God had to rest on the seventh day, and so did Lowry, kicking back on Tuesday to rest and recharge after Europe’s big Ryder Cup win … by rewatching highlights of Europe’s big Ryder Cup win.

Light off. Covers up. We know a pounding headache when we see one. Thankfully Lowry had his trusty Augusta National mug to keep him company, which is a nice touch. With the biggest remaining event in 2023 now out of the way, Lowry has sights set on the other Emerald Isle. No days off. Keep the ball rolling. All that good stuff.

As far as the haters who think Lowry might be milking this whole afterglow thing a bit too much, they can go shout it at the clouds. Life is short and doesn’t throw you bones too often, so you have to enjoy them while they last … even if you are hungover as hell.