Hot Mic

Ryder Cup 2023: If you put a mic in Shane Lowry's face after he's won the Ryder Cup, he's going to drop an F-bomb. That's science

There is no arguing that the man who had the most fun at the Ryder Cup was Shane Lowry. From dancing around on the sidelines to holding Rory McIlroy back to picking up 1½ points, the Irishman had himself a FULL week. And yet, the fun is only getting started, and we know this man knows how to have fun after a win.

Lowry's love for the biennial team event could be summed up in one comment he made to NBC's Cara Banks during his post-round interview. "This [the Ryder Cup] is why I get up every morning," the former Open champ said. Wow. If you think this event doesn't mean a ton to these guys, you simply didn't watch this week.

And then there was another, more NSFW comment caught on a hot mic soon after, which Banks probably should have expected. If you put a microphone in Shane Lowry's face after Europe has won the Ryder Cup, you're going to get an F-bomb. That's just science. Also, you could blame Tommy Fleetwood, who entered the frame and caused this response from Lowry:

"Look at this guy! Look at this guy! I F---ING LOVE YOU!!" Honestly, I feel like Fleetwood could garner that reaction from a lot of folks. Of course, he did win the decisive point for the Europeans, but Lowry would have said this no matter what. The sight of Tommy Fleetwood could make the angriest of men smile.

Now, we await the celebration content, which I have a sneaking suspicion Lowry will be heavily involved in.