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Seve Ballesteros' former caddie pulls off amazing recovery shot, playfully calls out Seve

July 02, 2020

Seve Ballesteros was one of the greatest golfers ever, winning five major championships and arguably mastering the short game like no one else. But his reputation as the game's all-time escape artist lives on as well through old tales such as his famed "car park" birdie at the 1979 Open and old highlights that continue to go viral.

And some of that Seve magic seems to have rubbed off on one of his former caddies.

On Wednesday, Lee Westwood shared a video of Billy Foster—also a longtime looper for Lee—pulling off a remarkable recovery shot from a water hazard. And Foster was quick to reference his former boss by saying, "Severiano, eat your heart out!" Have a look and listen:

These guys caddies are good, huh? And even better is the fact that Foster drained the putt moments later for an unlikely par that certainly would've made Seve proud.

Well done, Billy. Now just do something like that many times in a major or a Ryder Cup and we'll really be impressed.