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Send Andrei Svechnikov to New England prep school, because the guy can't stop scoring bonkers lacrosse goals

December 18, 2019

There were some truly preposterous goals in the NHL last night. Yes, yes, we hear you, pucks fans. There are every night. The internet just doesn't fetishize them like they do every single dunk in the NBA ever. But last night was on another level. I mean, Auston Matthews did this. Come on.

Seriously, how do you complete with that? Well, if you're Andrei Svechnikov and you collect the puck behind the net with the game tied 2-2 midway through the second period, you simply scoop that sucker up, and wrap it right in past the goalie's earhole because you got it like that.

Incredibly, this is the second time Svechnikov has scored "Michigan"-style in the span of six weeks, converting an eerily similar goal against the Flames on October 29th. Note to opposing defenses: DO NOT LET THIS GUY HAVE TIME ON THE PUCK BEHIND THE NET. Sheesh, you don't need to be Scotty Bowman to figure that one out.

"You guys saw it about a month ago," coach Rob Brind'Amour told reporters after Tuesday's game. "But we've been seeing it for a year and a half in practice. It's just a matter of time before he pulled it off. So it's not lucky when you practice something over and over. That's not luck."

More importantly, however, the goal was one of four in the period for the Carolina Hurricanes, who went on to smack Winnipeg 6-3. Last year's playoff darlings are now 21-11-2 on the season, and if Svechnikov keeps scoring goals like this, they won't need another March Miracle to make the postseason this year.