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Sean Avery, king of the 'chirp,' takes New York Islanders fans to the woodshed in Instagram video

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: if you’re not following Sean Avery on Instagram, you’re doing it all wrong. Am I blinded by my New York Rangers fandom in that statement? Of course I am! I realize that basically every other fan base, including fans of the three other teams he played for, hated or still hate his guts. Hell, there's probably a group of Ranger fans who hate him too. I get all that.

BUT, you can’t deny that the man is one of the NHL’s all-time great chirpers. A smack-talking god, if you will. Even in retirement, he polices the streets of New York like the little pest he always was, calling out pig parkers and cyclists with the same fervor he displayed in calling out whoever he wanted to call out on the ice.

On Friday, Avery was back on the 'gram and letting it rip, this time directing his ire not at some poor pizza delivery guy, but New York Islander fans, who you may have heard had a hell of a night on Thursday night at Nassau Coliseum. Coming from a Ranger fan who despises the Isles fanbase, I was flat-out impressed with their performance. Avery was not, and he took them to the woodshed on his Instagram story. Have a watch, and yes, of course there is some language. The guy has never gone more than five seconds in his life without dropping an F-bomb:

He makes some salient points, and you can't say he didn't warn you to mute the video entirely for his incoming hockey take. If he learns anything from this, it should be A. he should talk more about hockey on these Instagram stories, and B. maybe don't do it in that hat, because that's just setting yourself up for chirps back. But hey, he's a big boy, he can take it. And he's going to have to take it after this one, because, and you're not going to believe this ... Isles fans are not taking it well:

Quality stuff here. My personal favorite exchange can be seen below:

You've got to love Isles fans, what a bunch of characters. Really hope their team doesn't get bounced in the first round after all this talking. That is not something I would enjoy seeing at all.