Islanders fans throw John Tavares the most brutal homecoming in sports history

March 1, 2019

Forget Damon, Favre, and even LeBron (the first time). When it comes to awkward sports homecomings, no one—and we mean NO ONE—got it like John Tavares got it on Thursday night. The former "chosen one," as Matt Taub from East Meadow puts it in probably the most embarrassing fan video ever produced, was making his first visit to beautiful Nassau Coliseum since joining the Toronto Maple Leafs in the summer, and while the team itself did their best to thank Tavares for his service, the fans weren't feeling quite so hospitable. Needless to say, hell hath no fury like an Islander scorned (please stay out of my mentions, thanks), who rained the Plagues of Egypt down upon their former savior as he took the ice.

First came the tempest of verbal abuse.

Followed by snakes (and jerseys) raining from the sky.

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Finally, an angry mob stamped through the street, bleeding hearts brandished on their threadbare sleeves.

Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett

When the dust finally settled and the arena lights dimmed, it was the Islanders fans, not the object of their considerable ire, who had the last laugh, taking down the Leafs 6-1...or at least, so they thought. Let's not forget, Tavares is making $77 million dollars NOT to play in Uniondale until his cartilage turns to mush and his knees give out. We think that's worth getting called an asshole once a year, how about you?