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Scottie Scheffler's Masters win kept alive this crazy, multi-sport parlay worth nearly $1 MILLION

April 15, 2022

What would you do if you had a parlay for $1 million that's very much alive? Well, a mystery gambler in that position has gotten plenty of advice this week.

It's an enviable situation to be in, no doubt. But it has to be causing some stress—especially because the rest of it won't be settled for a long time.

Thanks to Scottie Scheffler's win at the Masters on Sunday, a crazy, multi-sport open wager has been circling the web. The five-leg parlay includes Scheffler's win and UNC making the Final Four. Those parts are locked up, but this person still needs the Phoenix Suns to win the NBA title, Alabama to win the NCAA football title, and the Buffalo Bills to win the AFC next season.

Yeah, yeah, a lot still has to go right to collect $959,769.00 from a $10 bet. But the hardest two parts are done with. By far. Just look at these odds:

As you can see, UNC was 40/1 to make the Final Four (Brilliant that this person didn't bet them to win it all!) and Scheffler was 33/1 to win at Augusta National. The Suns, who begin the NBA playoffs on Sunday as the top seed in the West and as the betting favorites, have the next longest odds at 4/1. Alabama is an overwelming favorite at 2/1 and Buffalo is only +350. So we wouldn't be counting our chickens just yet, but that's a nice spot to be in.

Especially because as you can also see FanDuel is already offering a cashout of $8,559.45, or an 8,500-to-1 return on the bet. Decent. But winning $8,500 isn't cool. You know what's cool? Winning $1 MILLION.

OK, so winning $8,500 would also be pretty cool, but why even make that bet if you're going to cash out? Wasn't the whole point to take a crack at getting rich?

Most of the replies suggested at least waiting for the Suns to win a couple rounds in the NBA playoffs to get that cashout number up even higher. It seems like a smart strategy for a team that lost in the NBA Finals last year. But beyond that, well, they're also a team that blew a 2-0 lead in those NBA Finals. So, yeah, even if they make it that far again, it would be tough not to just take the money and run.

In any event, to the mystery gambler, good luck! And go stock up on antacid tablets. If you're really going to let this ride, you better be prepared. The NBA Playoffs last an eternity.