124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Law & Order

Video of Scottie Scheffler’s lawyer and the county prosecutor arguing about a court date is the golf drama we didn’t know we needed

Think of all the dramatic court cases throughout history. O.J. Simpson. The Nixon impeachment. The trial of Socrates. They captured the hearts and minds of human beings everywhere. They entertained and they horrified. They redefined “justice” and even society as we know it.

This is not one of those cases.

Instead, this about a traffic “misunderstanding” between Scottie Scheffler and a Louisville police officer at the PGA Championship. It won’t alter the way we think about “innocent” and “guilty.” It probably won’t even change the way we think about the World’s No 1. Golfer. That doesn’t mean it’s not dramatic though.

On Monday, news broke that Scheffler’s arraignment date for his incident at Valhalla had been delayed from May 21st to June 3rd at the behest of his attorney Steve Romines. Shortly after, footage surfaced of the county prosecutor objecting to Romines’ continuance request, and it is the most riveting thing we’ve seen since the 72nd hole on Sunday.

Golf never fails to deliver drama, but this is a whole new stratosphere.

“He left last night and returned home to Dallas,” the county attorney told the judge. “The standard is whether it’s appropriate. Not whether we all agree about it; we all think it’s a good idea; it all sounds good … and respectfully, the Commonwealth [of Kentucky] does not think that this is appropriate.”

Romines, eagerly leaning forward on the podium, then responded.

“He [the county prosecutor] keeps referring to ‘when appropriate,’ which is specifically referring to remote appearance. There is nothing inappropriate about moving a court date. It happens every day. Mr. O’Connell [the county prosecutor] says ‘well, we don’t want to treat him differently,’ Then go through and look how many cases are agreed to by continuance by the county every day. They are absolutely treating him differently!”

Incredible stuff. With all the uproar over LIV Golf and rollback, not to mention the best golfer in history nearing losing his leg in a car accident while his longtime adversary was embroiled in a massive gambling controversy, it’s hard to believe golf could get any more dramatic, but here we are, watching ‘A Few Good Men’ play out before our very eyes. Needless to say, it’s never a dull day in this circus we call a sport.