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Pulp Fact or Fiction?

Samuel L. Jackson says he once beat Tiger Woods by eight strokes at St. Andrews and you better believe him

When Samuel L. Jackson speaks, you listen. Half the time, he’s just dropping a motherf—er, but there’s wisdom to his motherf—ers. They’ve seen a few things. Each one has a story tell, including this yarn he spun on The Tonight Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon this week about the time he once beat a fella by the name of Tiger Woods at a little place called St. Andrews. Take it away, Mr. Jackson.

“Complete accident!” Jackson replies when Fallon asks him to confirm the rumor. Despite the intentions or lack thereof, however, there’s some substance to the story. As Jackson tells it, the fateful moment in golf history went down at the Alfred Dunhill Championship, where he was paired with Woods as a 16 handicap.

“He said ‘follow me’ and I stayed as close to him as I could,” Jackson explains. “I shot 78, which means I beat him by about eight strokes.”

So do you believe Jackson once shot a 62 at St. Andrews and beat the greatest golfer in history going away? Well, let’s just say you better.